“I stand in the place of the One who heals me.” —Prayer by Carolyn Myss My religious upbringing ruined me in a way… But not in the way that you think perhaps. It actually taught me many great things that I am recently re-learning. One of these things is the forgotten art of prayer. But there’s definitely a subtle difference in the sort of prayers I’d offer these days from how I prayed in the past. These days I more closely follow a format akin…Continue Reading “Prayer: The Forgotten Art of Faith & Communion”

Last night I was listening to one of the Conversations With God audiobooks and, I forget exactly what triggered it, but at a particular moment I was struck with deep bliss… So much so that I switched off the audiobook and entered a grateful meditation, just to enjoy the fullness and express my thanks for this moment of Divine awareness… then a very unexpected thing happened… Turning back time (again) I had hardly closed my eyes when I was transported back in time, before this…Continue Reading “Seeing Life (and Suffering) from an Infinite Perspective”

This is probably one of the most impactful and important moments I’ve had in this lifetime so far… A whole new level of bliss and understanding has just opened up. It’s all been because of a potentially life-changing level of “remembrance”—a more complete experience of being Divinity in every moment, across all time, space and dimension. I’ve intellectually known this for a while, but clearly not fully embodied it before, because the results seem immediately miraculous. Read the story of my experience below to find…Continue Reading “Turning Back Time: Healing Memories in One Miraculous Moment”

The Symptoms Often symptoms of depressive episodes include sadness with no specific cause, hopelessness, the physical sensation of heaviness, low-energy, brain fog, lack of clarity, vagueness, desire to withdraw, escapism, generalised negative thoughts and statements, difficulty in getting out of bed, oversleeping, etc. The Triggers Triggers vary greatly depending on the individual. Often they caused by deeply buried childhood experiences related to shame (even mild embarrassment can set it off for some people), hurting others or being hurt (this can be any aspect of mild-to-extreme…Continue Reading “Depressive Episodes: What Triggers Them & How to Help”

Generally speaking, denial isn’t a good thing—the more clarity we have around an issue, the easier it is to move through it. But in the case of some absolutist diagnoses that box people in to a life of medication and/or restrictive thinking, I might suggest that considering a less fixed view—possibly even complete denial—isn’t always such a bad thing. In my case, being diagnosed with bipolar disorder and clinical depression many years ago was, from the perspective of the health professionals I saw at the…Continue Reading “Denial as a Path to Wellness? Not normally, but…”

Most people’s desire for happiness is driven by a type of remembering and also a definite delusion. The remembering is because, as I’ve discovered, when we strip away all the delusion of perception we find at our core we are indeed already at peace, contented and even joyful. Or as Sean Meshorer puts it; “Bliss is our highest calling and potential. When we scrape away the false layers of sensory pleasures, worldly attainments, and the delusions of our mind, we discover it quietly dwelling inside…Continue Reading “Why I Stopped Looking for “Happiness” (or even using the word!)”

Some days we find ourselves exactly where we don’t want to be … again. Why is that so? How does that happen, over and over — are we simply not committed to our own happiness? Are we lazy? Are we just completely broken? No. As it turns out, we don’t really have a commitment problem per se, it’s just that sometimes we’re committed to the wrong things (subconsciously at least). In fact, when things are really going badly, it’s important to realise that we’re not…Continue Reading “How To Self-Sabotage Your Failure (& Finally Get What You Want)”

This is a common question, but the point is to not control your thoughts during meditation. As soon as you try to control something, you are in a state of resistance, which is sure to prolong the very thing you’re trying to stop. The point is to realise that you are not your thoughts; you are the one watching your thoughts. Simply noticing each thought as it arises, feeling separate from it and allowing it to pass without adding anything to it will, over time,…Continue Reading “Q&A: “How Do I Control My Thoughts During Meditation?””

Because of my personal prior history with clinical depression, it BREAKS MY HEART when I read things like this… “My daughter, 17, has been prescribed 4 different depression meds in 3 months. All of them make her sick. She was suicidal and the professionals INSIST that she needs meds. I don’t believe any of these meds are helping her but am afraid to go against the professionals opinion. Help!” I don’t blame the “professionals” directly—they’re taught from the perspective of an OLD biological understanding, and…Continue Reading “Old Paradigms & Broken Hearts”

Lately I’ve been learning more and more about the power (and discomfort) of holding space…. oh, and gardening. It’s funny in this world of massive action, outward signs of “success”, idolised gurus and endless to-do lists, that the place of real power is in the unknowingness, in the in-between, in the space within. But of course, that ‘space’ isn’t empty like we imagine. It’s the incredible vibrant flux of potentiality that forms and maintains worlds and manifests trillions of new micro miracles every second of…Continue Reading “The Transformative Power of Holding Space”